She's been one of the biggest TV personalities on television since the '80s, so it makes sense that fans are curious to learn all about Kathie Lee Gifford. She makes us laugh every morning on Today for 10 years alongside Hoda Kotb, and before that, she was the face of Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee with Regis Philbin for 15 years. Scroll down to get all your questions about Kathie Lee answered!

What is Kathie Lee Gifford's net worth?

Kathie Lee has quite an impressive net worth! According to Celebrity Net Worth, she's worth an estimated $30 million. That massive number totally makes sense, though — she has a lot of experience under her belt!

Is Kathie Lee Gifford Jewish?

Yes! "We were culturally Jewish on my father’s side and culturally Christian on my mother’s side," she stated in a 2016 essay for Christianity Today. But even though she was raised with Jewish culture, she's now an evangelical Christian. Kathie spent many years of her life trying to pursue being a Christian singer, and now, she's publishing a book (which she co-wrote with a messianic rabbi) about her visits to Israel. It's set to come out this spring!

How old is Kathie Lee Gifford?

Kathie Lee was born Aug. 16, 1953, so that makes her 64 years old today. Did you think she was younger or older than that?

Is Kathie Lee Gifford married?

Kathie Lee is sadly a widow. She was married to football star Frank Gifford from 1986 until his unfortunate death in 2015. Before that, she was married to Paul Johnson from 1976 until 1983.

And now, two years after Frank's passing, Kathie Lee is thinking about dating again. "Kathie Lee is looking for companionship, someone to laugh with and learn from. She doesn’t want to date a lot of different men," an insider recently revealed to Closer Weekly in an exclusive interview.

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Does Kathie Gifford have kids?

Yes, Kathie is a mom-of-two! She and Frank share a son, Cody, 27, and daughter Cassidy, 24. In a previous interview, Kathie Lee shared that she never tells her kids she's proud of them. “We don’t say ‘proud’ in our family, we never have,” she shared. “Cassidy was still home and she said, ‘Mom, why aren’t you saying something? Aren’t you proud of him?’ And I remember saying, ‘Cass, pride comes before the fall. A good book says that.’”

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Is Kathie Lee fired from Today?

No, don't worry! Kathie Lee isn't going anywhere (yet). Today fans were worried last week when she was absent from Today, but so it turned out, she was just on a temporary trip to Israel. However, it was exclusively revealed to Closer that she will be working on new projects now that Hoda has been promoted to co-anchor — so we're not sure how much longer she'll be on Today.