Take a Tour Inside the Homes of Your Favorite ‘Today’ Show Stars

Because the Today show is shot in New York City, many of the co-hosts live in expensive condos in the city rather than large mansions. In fact, Al Roker and former co-host Katie Couric both live on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. As for Hoda Kotb, who just took over Matt Lauer's job, she admitted back in 2016 that she's still getting used to the "quirks" of New York realty.

“The lady was like, there’s the apartment I want to show you," she told Katie during a Today taping. "Over here is the bedroom, now look right over here, turn, here’s the living room! I was standing in one room and I couldn’t believe that that’s what they were renting.” Yep, welcome to New York, Hoda! Check out the gallery below to take a tour inside the condos of Today show hosts.

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