Dylan Dreyer isn’t letting anything get her down! The meteorologist returned to Today after taking a scary fall backstage on Monday, August 14.

Al Roker caught the mishap ​on camera in a behind-the-scenes clip shared on Instagram. In the video, Dylan, 42, was practicing a trick with a dog named Elsa. She called the pup over to leap into her arms but was instead knocked down to the floor during the interaction. 

“Both Dylan and Elsa are OK,” Al, 68, assured fans in his caption. 

Dylan later performed the trick with Elsa during the morning talk show and it went smoothly. Still, many voiced their concerns about the broadcaster after she faced the blunder backstage. 

“Hope she’s OK,” one person commented on the clip. “She was more worried about Elsa than herself.”

Another concerned fan wrote, “Hopefully, no serious injuries.”

After sharing the video online with his followers, Al decided to address the situation on Today the following day. 

“We had the dogs from the Universal Pictures movie Strays here in the studio. Dylan did a nice trick with Elsa there,” he explained. “That’s what you saw at home on the air but what you didn’t know at the time is that in rehearsal, it didn’t go quite as smoothly. During the commercial break, Elsa jumps up on Dylan and Dylan protected Elsa.”

Dylan kept a great attitude despite taking a tumble with the pup in her arms backstage. While there have been several hosting shakeups on the show lately, the beloved weather anchor was determined to return to the program with a positive outlook. 

“That was my takeaway from this video is I will risk my life if something is in my arms,” she told Today viewers on Tuesday, August 15. “Babies, dogs. I was going to protect that dog with my life.”

The Misty the Cloud author is a mom to three kids, Calvin, Oliver and Russell, whom she shares with her husband, Brian Fichera. She recently missed several episodes of Today after taking a trip abroad with her family. Though she was grateful for the time away, Dylan and her loved ones faced a huge bump in the road during their European vacation. 

“We’re traveling with 16 people,” Dylan revealed during a virtual Today segment on July 25. “We’ve lost 13 pieces of luggage.”

Still, the TV personality and her family made the most of it and learned to smile through the frustrating moments.

“We’re having a great time,” she said. “There’s 16 of us, and we’re laughing at [our luggage] at this point.”