So cool! Donny Osmond took to Instagram to celebrate his son Christopher turning 29 on Thursday, December 12.

“Chris, older people always refer to their age as ’29 and holding.’ Since you’re turning 29 today, you better enjoy it. Theoretically, you’ll never have another birthday ever again. 😂 Happy birthday, buddy!” he captioned the post.

Alongside Donny’s heartwarming caption was a throwback photo of him holding Chris on his shoulders at a football game. Just earlier this month, the singer celebrated his own 62nd birthday by sharing a beautiful pic of his entire family to Instagram.

Instagram/Donny Osmond

“Thank you for all of the birthday wishes you’ve sent my way today. As I turn 29 (again 😏), I’m grateful for those of you who have been following my career since the beginning, as well as those of you who are just now discovered who I am,” he joked on December 9. “It’s been a wonderful birthday — one I’ll never forget.”

After a stellar year performing with his sister Marie Osmond in Las Vegas, Donny revealed what he really needed to end the year off right.

“My favorite birthday gift this year is a holiday season off from performing so that I can spend time with my dear wife and family,” he said of longtime love Debbie Osmond, their five sons and their 10 grandkids. “I haven’t had that opportunity since 2010. I almost forgot how nice it is to wrap up the year with my loved ones around me. It’s given me time to reflect on how important family and friends really are.”

Donny Osmond

Donny shares all of his children with his beautiful wife of 41 years. Shortly after his post went live, Marie, 60, took to Instagram to write a few kind words about the The Masked Singer star.

“#HappyBirthday to my big brother @DonnyOsmond!! You have brought so much joy to my life in our years working together,” she wrote on Monday, December 9. “May the New Year bring you all you wish. I love you tons! 🎂”

It’s so cool that Donny and Chris were born in the same month, just days apart. There’s so much love there!