Erin and Ben Napier launched their design careers while restoring historic properties in Laurel, Mississippi. The HGTV couple will always have a special connection to the town since it’s where they purchased their first home after their 2008 wedding. In 2021, they announced some huge news about their house and living situation. 

Do Erin and Ben Napier Still Live in Laurel, Mississippi? 

Purchasing their famous 1925 craftsman cottage was a dream come true for Erin, who had her eye on the property since junior high. The pair renovated the home and added their own personal flair to each of the rooms. 

“In most of the rooms in our house, you’ll find gallery walls of old photos of our grandparents and parents from the 1940s through the 1970s,” Erin shared. “None of them are in color, and they make us smile when we see them.”

The estate boasts plenty of space, which was perfect for the college sweethearts when they decided to start a family together. In January 2018, Erin gave birth to their eldest daughter, Helen. The design duo welcomed their second child, Mae, in May 2021. Both Erin and Ben have shared rare glimpses of their daughters’ rooms on Instagram over the years as well as other unique features of the house. 

In the fall of 2022, Erin and Ben announced to their fans that they had purchased and restored a second home in Mississippi. While they completely renovated the space and turned it into their own personal oasis, the pair still plan to spend the majority of their time in their historic Laurel home. 

Why Did Erin and Ben Napier Buy a Second Home? 

There were several factors that led Erin and Ben to purchase a second home, including the desire to have a place to stay for “special occasions and holidays.” Once they saw the listing for the country escape in the spring of 2021, the TV stars knew that they had to have it. 

“One reason we had to get this house was its very British look,” Erin said. “It feels as though you’ve crossed the ocean and you’re not in Mississippi anymore. It’s like a vacation for us.”

Ben Napier sits in his daughters' room inside their vacation home
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

Erin had a unique vision for each room of the abode and found the perfect decor to match the European vibes of the exterior. 

“It’s all new, but I wanted it to feel like it could be from Downton Abbey — a classic and casual English style that’s utilitarian but kind of elegant,” Erin said.

The mom of two was also eager for Helen and Mae to experience living out in the country and getting to run around in the yard. 

“My playtime consisted of climbing a lot of trees and digging for arrowheads in the woods,” Erin reflected on her childhood. “That’s not something our girls can do in town.”