Joe Scarborough returned to Morning Joe on Tuesday, April 16, after a mysterious absence the day before. The MSNBC anchor sent X into a frenzy with his commentary during Tuesday’s episode.

“Joe Scarborough is on fire this morning on MSNBC Morning Joe, preach it, brother,” one person wrote on X while the episode was airing. Another viewer agreed, “Morning Joe is on fire.”

The broadcaster sat alongside his wife, Mika Brzezinski, at the news desk as they hosted a number of guests, including Reverand Al Sharpton.

Cohost Willie Geist was also present for Tuesday’s broadcast, making it a full house. Many were happy to see Joe, 61, back on the morning program.

“Welcome back from your break, Joe,” one X user wrote, while another person wrote, “Happy dance, Joe’s Back!”

Joe did not immediately provide a reason for why he was missing from Monday’s episode. However, viewers took to social media to express their confusion about his absence, as they deemed it “one of the biggest news days ever.”

“Where is Joe?” one viewer wrote in a post on X, while dozens of others asked the same question at the time.

Prior to going on the air on Monday, Mika, 56, and Joe spent time in New York City. The couple snapped a selfie while walking through Central Park, which was posted on Mika’s Instagram account.

“I ❤️NY — I love it when it feels like spring has sprung. Has it sprung? #spring #daffodils #strawberryfields,” she captioned the post.

Joe Scarborough returns to Morning Joe
Noam Galai/Getty Images for Global Citizen

“​​Two of my favorite people to sit down with every morning at 5 a.m.” one person declared in the comments section of the post.

“What a great couple!!! Big fan!! Watch every morning and also listen to the podcast,” another penned.

Joe and Mika got married in 2018 after more than a decade of working together. He is a dad to kids Joey, Andrew, Kate and Jack, from previous marriages. Mika is a mom of two daughters, Emily and Carlie, whom she welcomed with ex-husband Jim Hoffer.

While Joe admitted in an August 2017 interview with People that he and Mika had their disagreements, they were learning to put the past behind them.

“For me, the mistake always was I’m very driven at work, but I go home and I don’t want to fight. I’m passive aggressive. I’m sort of like, ‘Whatever you want to do,’” the political commentator told the outlet. “That’s really what I think hurt me in one relationship after another. And differences grow over a decade and things ultimately blow up. With Mika and me, we both learn you have to. If there’s a problem, put it on the table immediately. If it gets ugly, it gets ugly. You go there and you fight through it.”