Joe Scarborough was noticeably absent from Morning Joe on Monday, April 15, leading fans to question what happened to him.

Joe’s wife and cohost, Mika Brzezinski, took the lead during the episode, interviewing a slew of guests and catching viewers up on world news. The guest list included Jonathan Lemire, Katty Kay, Richard Haass and more who appeared virtually. Vaughn Hillyard was also featured during a few segments while reporting live from New York City.

Fans took to X to question Joe’s abrupt disappearance from the program.

“Is Joe off today?” one person asked, while another wrote, “So…..where TF is Joe at today? It is called Morning Joe.”

“Joe missing AGAIN,” a third person pointed out, while a fourth person wrote, “Joe & Mika posted yesterday they were in NY, but Joe’s a no-show again.”

“No Joe again? On one of the biggest news days ever? I’ll watch, but the show is dreary without him,” another wrote.

Just hours before going on the air, Mika, 56, shared a photo on her Instagram account in NYC with Joe, 61. The couple, who have been married since 2018, typically sit beside each other at the news desk throughout the morning.

“I ❤️ NY — I love it when it feels like spring has sprung. Has it sprung? #spring #daffodils #strawberryfields,” she captioned the selfie on April 14.

Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe Absence Leaves Viewers Confused
Courtesy of Mika Brzezinski/Instagram

Other fans showed support for the couple in the comments section, sharing how much they’ve been loving watching Morning Joe.

“Two of my most favorite people. Thank you for always keeping it real and making me laugh,” one person wrote.

Another penned, “You make my mornings.” Joe also made a rare post on his Instagram account while spending time in New York City with his wife.

“Love New York City and especially the Upper West Side starting at Lincoln Center,” he captioned a photo of the skyline this weekend. “What a gorgeous blessing for artists, composers, and music fans. A brilliant gift of love from New York and its benefactors to the rest of us.”

It was not immediately revealed why Joe was not present on the show on Monday morning. However, as viewers kept tuning in, their curiosity continued to grow. “Scarborough is absent with no explanation,” one person wrote on X, while another said, “NNOOOOO Where is Joe???”