Claim to Fame’s Chris Osmond has had the shining example of a great father throughout his life. The reality TV star is the second youngest son of Donny Osmond and his longtime wife, Debbie Osmond. Chris has taken all of the advice his father has given him over the years and applied it to raising his own two kids.

Who Is Chris Osmond’s Daughter, Aussie?

Chris was born to Donny and Debbie in 1990. The couple, who wed in 1978, are also parents to sons Donald Jr., Jeremy, Brandon and Joshua. Chris has an array of different interests, including singing and photography.

In May 2017, Chris married his wife, Alta Osmond. The couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Aussie Rae Osmond, in November 2020.

“Thanksgiving is extra special this year,” Donny gushed on Instagram after his granddaughter’s birth. “Aussie is here, and she is so beautiful!”

Fatherhood was a dream come true for Chris, who often shares photos of his kiddos on social media.

“Words cannot express the love we feel for this little one,” he sweetly wrote in an Instagram tribute to Aussie after her birth. “Just in the last two days, she’s brought a whole new meaning to life for Al and I. This truly is what it’s all about right here! We’re excited to be taking her home today. I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving!”

Donny Osmond holds newborn grandson Dune in hospital
Courtesy of Donny Osmond/Instagram

Who Is Chris Osmond’s Son, Dune?

In June 2023, Donny announced on Instagram that Chris and Alta welcomed their second child together, a son named Dune Tyler Osmond.

“Thank you, Chris and Alta, for bringing another beautiful grandson into Debbie’s and my life,” Donny wrote alongside a photo holding the newborn. “Welcome to our family, Dune Tyler Osmond. You truly are an angel from heaven.”

Just days before Dune’s birth was announced, season 2 of Claim to Fame premiered on ABC with Chris as one of the contestants. The show has a unique premise, with competitors facing off in the attempt to guess each other’s celebrity relatives. Chris finished the competition in third place, making his family very proud.

“For those of you who’ve been watching the ABC reality show Claim to Fame, I thought my son Chris did an amazing job!” Donny proudly wrote on Instagram after the show’s finale in August 2023. “He made that show so interesting because no one could guess which celebrity he was related to.”