Actress Brooke Shields has been married to her husband, Chris Henchy, throughout much of her Hollywood career. The longtime couple tied the knot over 19 years ago, and continue to prove true love does exist in showbiz.

Brooke has been a household name ever since she rose to fame with her role in 1978’s Pretty Baby, but the actress’ spouse is quite famous in his own right. On top of his impressive talents as a screenwriter and producer, Chris is best known for cocreating several hit films with actor Will Ferrell, including Land of the Lost, The Other Guys and The Campaign.

Brooke Shields husband

According to People Pill, the handsome film guru first kicked off his career in Hollywood following his college graduation from the University of New Mexico in the late 1980s. At the time, he moved to New York City to work on Wall Street, which was ultimately derailed when he decided to pursue a career in comedy instead.

In the early ’90s, Chris got his first taste of success when he was hired by MTV to write monologue jokes for The Larry Sanders Show. Years later, he began writing bits for Campus Cops in 1996, which then led to a handful of other guest-writing stints on specials and series.

In 2000, Chris got his big break when he created and produced the television series Battery Park, which starred Elizabeth Perkins and Henry Winkler. His success has continued throughout the years as he’s written and produced shows like Spin City, Life With Bonnie, I’m with Her, Entourage, Eastbound & Down and more. Chris even founded the website, Funny or Die, alongside Will and Adam McKay.

There’s no denying Chris’ personal life has been just as prosperous as his professional career. Shortly after first meeting on a TV set in 1999, the director and Brooke got engaged during a lavish vacation in Mexico in July 2000. The Blue Lagoon actress walked down the aisle to her one true love during a romantic ceremony less than a year later in April 2001.

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Following their nuptials, Brooke and Chris became proud parents when they welcomed eldest daughter, Rowan, in 2003. The couple’s youngest child, Grier, arrived just three years later in 2006.

So how do Brooke and Chris make it work after two kids and nearly two decades together? “[She] is very un-Hollywood. [Brooke] and Chris have a great relationship,” an insider close to the pair previously told Closer Weekly.” Their kids come first and they do all the things normal families do.”

We adore Brooke and Chris’ relationship!