She shocked the world when she played a teen prostitute in the film Pretty Baby — and even today Brooke Shields still can’t believe that she was able to get through that time in her life while in Hollywood.

“I look back and … I can’t believe that I didn’t turn into a train wreck,” the actress said on AOL’s Build earlier this week. However, while she ruffled some feathers playing such a risque’ role at age 12, Brooke — now 54 — thinks all that girls share on social media today is a lot more in your face. “You look back at the stuff I did and it’s tame,” she explained.

Brooke Shields

The Blue Lagoon star — who shares daughters Rowan, 16, and Grier, 13, with her husband Chris Hency — now makes sure to keep an eye on what her little ones share on social media, but she also wants to encourage them to feel comfortable with themselves. “I want them to maintain a sense that their body is their body,” Brooke told the outlet. “They say things and it’s scary what they think is OK or what they think they should be putting out there or what’s getting likes. I have to say to them, “You don’t want to be that girl. Just keep it together, you know, your legs. Pace yourself.”

“My girls have such confidence in the way they look and I didn’t have that. They take the pictures, because they are all personal photos,” Brooke revealed. “They’re young, different taste, but I’ll post something that’s personal and kind of dorky. And people love that stuff.”

The model is quite close with her children, and she is all about being a mother. In fact, she once revealed just how difficult it was when she realized she was only going to have two kids. “The first mourning that I went through was realizing I wasn’t going to have any more children, that threw me,” Brooke admitted while speaking to the Sunday Telegraph.

It’s clear that Brooke did not turn into a train wreck — she is also happy with her career decisions and has no problem saying “yes” to opportunities. “I’d be bored if I didn’t have so many varied creative outlets. I’ve never done anything else — it’s who I am,” the There Was a Girl author exclusively told Closer Weekly. So great!