It’s been almost 15 years since Steve Irwin tragically passed away at the age of 44 after being attacked by a stingray, and his kids, Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin, are going above and beyond to ensure the Crocodile Hunter star’s legacy lives on forever.

“I sure hope dad would be proud,” Bindi told People in December 2018. “We really do try every day to make him proud and follow in his footsteps. I hope that somewhere he’s out there going, ‘Yes! You did good!'” Even Bindi’s younger brother, Robert, couldn’t agree more. “No matter where we go, or what we do, we’ll always come back here,” he gushed. “This is our passion. It’s a part of us and Australia Zoo will always be home.”

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Even though it’s been a long time since they last saw their dad, the brother-sister duo continue to spread his message — along with their mom and Steve’s wife, Terri Irwin — through their conservation nonprofit Wildlife Warriors. Terri has also expanded the Australia Zoo, which has been owned by the Irwins ever since Steve’s parents opened the place in 1970.

In November 2018, Terri opened up about missing her late husband — to whom she was married for 14 years. “I always wish Steve was here, but I do feel he’s watching over us,” the 54-year-old admitted to U.K.’s Closer magazine. “I have two awesome kids. They’re so passionate about carrying on Steve’s conservation work, I can’t imagine them doing anything else.”

We couldn’t miss Steve more, but we know his kids will honor his legacy to the fullest!

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