Bindi Irwin has grown up in the public eye, and the media has only grown since the death of her father, Steve Irwin. But all the attention has not diverted the 20-year-old from living her life, as she has been in a relationship for the past five years.

Bindi first met her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, 22, during a trip to the zoo. Chandler, a professional wakeboarder, recalls the day and tells People, “It just so happened that Bindi was giving tours that day. I’m like, ‘Wow she is amazing.’” Chandler adds that the pair “hit it off right away,” and they “haven’t looked back since.” Bindi is just as crazy about Chandler as he is about her. “He loves wildlife and conservation and he has this strength,” Bindi says. “Which is necessary when you’re jumping on crocs.”

Chandler and Bindi
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And Chandler has made sure to make himself a part of the family, as he recently moved to Florida in order to live with them. “I’ve got my khaki on and I am loving it!” Chandler says. Bindi’s brother, 15-year-old Robert, even decided to test him in order to find out if he was right for his sister. “One of the first times Chandler came to the zoo I wanted to kind of test him,” Robert recalls. “Just to see what would happen. So we had him feeding alligators and he did awesome. I’m very impressed. He’s great with wildlife so I approve.” Being made to feed alligators in order to get a family’s approval sure is quite the challenge.

Even the couple has been together for some time now, they do not have marriage on their brain quite yet. Chandler explains, “We’re really happy at the moment. We just love traveling together and working in the zoo.” In fact, in an interview with In Touch late last year, Bindi also gave a very similar response when marriage was brought up. “We’re so busy with everything, we haven’t had time to think about the pressure,” Bindi said at the time. “We’re really enjoying the moment, adventuring around the world and having fun. We’ll let you know!”

Well it certainly sounds like they’re on the same wavelength.