Tad Starsiak has finally responded to claims that he said “horrible things” to sister Mina Starsiak Hawk over text. The general contractor shared his thoughts about his ongoing feud with his sibling in a comment on his Instagram account on October 13.

Tad, 30, shared a video on his page about “releasing negative feelings” and looking toward the future with optimism. One follower took to the comments section to question him about his ongoing rift with Mina, 38.

“If optimism is so easy, then why is Mina saying you said horrible things to her that you can’t say you didn’t say because she has it in black and white in a text,” the comment read. “You’re fooling no one here, Tad!!!!”

Tad fired back, “It’s so not easy to be optimistic,” adding, “There’s so many reasons one could find not to be. No one here is claiming perfection here. I have my woes and struggles too!”

The comment was made in reference to an episode of Mina’s podcast in which she hinted at the root of her drama with Tad.

“My brother Tad said some really awful stuff to me and I’m sure he would say that I’ve said some awful stuff to him too,” she recalled during the September 18 episode. “But the most recent stuff he said to me, he can’t say it’s not what he said. He can’t say I misunderstood. It’s in text and it’s black and white and that was kind of my final straw there.”

Tad Starsiak sits in a construction site
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

Mina has not revealed exactly what Tad said to her that led to the tension between them. Instead, she explained that he was “not a good person for [her] to be around.” She is also not on “good terms” with her mother, Karen E. Laine, amid the final season of Good Bones.

Fans of the show have been rallying around Tad after news of his family drama made headlines. The real estate investor recently got engaged to his fiancée, Anna Spiars, and had his home renovated during season 8 of Good Bones.

“Your outlook on life is awesome!! I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with so much negativity in the last few months,” another fan commented on Tad’s Instagram post. “You are always such a positive vibe and a reason people watch the show. I’m so impressed with you choosing to be the bigger person. Wishing you all the best.”