The final season of Good Bones has been surrounded by family drama, bombshell revelations and an uncertain future for the show’s stars. One thing that is unquestionable is that fans of the HGTV series are rallying around Tad Starsiak amid his ongoing rift with sister Mina Starsiak Hawk.

Tad, 30, shared a video on his Instagram page about “releasing negative feelings” on October 11. “We only get so much time to live on this Earth, why spend any amount [of] it being angry? It’s just not worth it,” the caption of the clip said.

The comments section was full of support for the general contractor, who has been at odds with Mina, 39, for several months.

“Tad, I have always enjoyed watching you on the show,” one person commented on the post. “To hear that you’re having trouble as a family hurts my heart.”

Mina first opened up about not being on “good terms” with Tad and her mom, Karen E. Laine, in an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast on August 28.

“It’s complicated without even being complicated,” the Two Chicks and a Hammer owner said of her challenging family dynamic. “We don’t really engage much, and the last engagement wasn’t super positive, and that was maybe a year ago.”

Since then, she also claimed in another podcast episode that Tad “said some really awful stuff” to her over text.

“I don’t know why your sister would say all of this in public,” another fan wrote under Tad’s post. “I’ve watched every episode of Good Bones. Loved when your mom and Mina worked together so well. I’ve always thought you and the boys were terrific on the show.”

Tad Starsiak poses with friends
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

Although the season 8 finale of Good Bones on Tuesday, October 17, will mark the end of an era, the real estate investor has a lot to be grateful for. Tad is currently engaged to his fiancée, Anna Spiars, and the pair live in a gorgeous home that was renovated during the show’s final season.

On top of finding his dream girl and planting roots in a new home, Tad celebrated his 30th birthday in mid-September with some of his friends and family members.

“If to live is to love others and be loved, then my life is overflowing,” Tad reflected on his milestone birthday in a September 17 Instagram post. “I need not do anything else to get anywhere because the present has everything I could need and want.”