Weeks after opening up about her ongoing family drama, Mina Starsiak Hawk revealed that her mom, Karen E. Laine, reached out to her. The confession came during an episode of the realtor’s “Mina AF” podcast on Tuesday, October 10.

“I got a text from my mom this morning saying maybe we should talk,” Mina, 39, told listeners. “We do not talk. We haven’t in a long time. It was early this morning, and I just didn’t really know what to do with it.”

The TV personality explained that the response she has gotten from fans about opening up about her family drama has been mixed. People have judged her for “not forgiving and forgetting” and constantly telling her that “family and blood is thicker than water.”

“Those people can think what they want, but it’s just so complicated,” she said in response to her critics.

Mina first opened up about facing a “challenging” time with her family during an August 28 podcast episode.

“We all put our big kid pants on and pretend to be nice … then go back to our corners of the universe and talk s–t about each other,” she said at the time. “My mom and I aren’t in a great place. My brother Tad and I aren’t in a great place. My brother William and I are in a kind of like nonexistent place. It’s complicated without even being complicated. We don’t really engage much and the last engagement wasn’t super positive, and that was maybe a year ago.”

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The rift with her mom and siblings has affected her feelings about attending family gatherings and communicating with certain family members.

“I set some boundaries. I am not super comfortable being around some of my family members right now,” the Two Chicks and a Hammer owner reflected. “Situations occurred where I was around some of them, so now moving forward, other family members expect me to be at things because I was around them and it was fine.”

Mina admittedly has “a lot going on” in her life. Later in the episode, she broke down in tears when discussing the reason she had not yet thrown her daughter, Charlotte, a birthday party.

“Charlie’s birthday was like two dang weeks ago, and I still haven’t thrown her a birthday party,” she said. “I love my family, I love seeing my cousins, I love the kids playing, I love seeing my siblings, the ones that I want to be around … and Charlie doesn’t give a s–t. It’s just a birthday party, but I also feel like a terrible mom if I don’t throw my 3-year-old a birthday party.”