Sharon Stone was all smiles in a gorgeous Instagram photo snapped at her California home — and she wasn’t wearing any bottoms! The Casino actress went pants-free for the snap shared on Tuesday, August 1. 

Sharon, 65, donned a white T-shirt with a simple design printed on the front. The Flight Attendant also star rocked bright red lipstick and a pair of sunglasses in the edgy picture. Fans were raving about the Hollywood icon’s radiant appearance while showing off her toned legs. 

“Cute T-shirt, @sharonstone, and really EVERYTHING in and about this pic is soooo cute,” one follower wrote in a comment. 

Others were blown away by the colorful art piece that appeared in the background, calling it “beautiful” and “magical.” Sharon posed in front of a new painting she recently worked on, just one of her many pieces of impressive artwork crafted in recent months. Though the canvas towered over her, she found a way to turn it into quite a masterpiece. 

Sharon Stone wears T-shirt and no pants
Courtesy of Sharon Stone/Instagram

Creating art is one of Sharon’s many passions outside of Hollywood projects. Painting is a skill she really honed in on at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It all started when one of her friends purchased her a paint-by-numbers kit to help pass the time while being stuck inside her home. 

“I bought real brushes and I started to regain my control, my brush movements,” she said in March. “I painted and painted and painted, and I refound myself. I refound my heart. I refound my center.” 

Sharon established her own painting studio on her luxurious property soon after. She also had an inspiring response for critics who have told her to “stay in her lane.” 

“How do you know this isn’t my lane?” she continued. “How do you know that painting isn’t my real lane?”

Discovering her new passion has been extremely rewarding for Sharon, who has no plans to stop painting any time soon. 

Color is a wavelength like everything else,” she shared. “I think being a colorist is my actual talent. I think the color is my real talent. Color talks to me.”

Sharon’s love for art also sparked an interest in interior design, which totally explains why her home is so beautifully decorated.  

“I’ve decorated everyone’s houses, and I mix their paint,” the Academy Award nominee revealed. “I go and pick their fabrics and the rugs and everything for people and then get a designer to put it all together.”