TV personality Sharon Osbourne is standing her ground! After she and Marie Osmond got into a little disagreement during the Thursday, April 2, episode of The Talk, she took to Instagram to say she’s not going to apologize for people thinking she was “rude.”

“For all the viewers that thought I was rude to Marie today. I would just like to say that we’re all grown women and we have different opinions. It certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t respect and love each other. As you know, these are very difficult times and they’re going to bring out different emotions in all of us,” she wrote shortly after the show aired. “I’m sorry but I can’t apologize for being overly emotional, otherwise, I’m being fake and I don’t do that very well. Stay in, stay safe and hope to see you tomorrow. Love and respect … Sharon.”

The Talk cast

Although Sharon, 67, didn’t get into details about what happened on The Talk, some fans explained what transpired between the two ladies in the comments section of the post.

“Marie had said she was ‘intrigued’ by the news concerning COVID-19 and Sharon told her there was ‘nothing intriguing about it … it’s SAD … etc.’ Marie [admitted] that that was the wrong word to use. Then, [she tried] to explain [herself] by starting off with something like, ‘I’m just like you, Sharon.’ And Sharon interrupted her saying, ‘I am NOTHING like you, Marie.'”

Although it seemed like the two ladies were going to get into a big argument, the fan said that “it all blew over fairly quickly” and it was “no biggie.” In fact, Marie hasn’t spoken out about their tiff on social media and Sharon’s followers understand that she was merely speaking her mind.

“You were just saying how you feel. There is nothing wrong with that!” one fan commented on the businesswoman’s post. Another said, “You were just being the real you and I believe Marie knows that. I love you and wouldn’t want you any other way.”

We hope Marie and Sharon can put this small dispute behind them.