After it was revealed that late actor Kirk Douglas‘ $61 million fortune was being left to charity, The Talk cohosts Marie Osmond and Sharon Osbourne dished what they plan to do with their money once they pass away.

“People say, ‘Who are you going to leave your money to?’ Your kids will say, ‘Are you going to leave the money to me?’ I’m not leaving any money to my children,” Marie, 60, shared during the Friday, February 28 episode of the hit CBS talk show. “Congratulations, kids.”

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The iconic performer — who is the proud mom of kids Stephen, 36, Jessica, 32, Rachael, 30, Brandon, 23, Brianna, 22, Matthew, 20, Abigail, 17, and late son Michael — explained why she’s going to give all her money away like the iconic Spartacus star.

“I think you do a big disservice to your children to just hand them a fortune, because you take away the one most important gift you can give your children, and that’s the ability to work,” she shared. “And you see it a lot in rich families, where the kids, they don’t know what to do and so they get in trouble. You know, let them be proud of what they make and I’m going to give mine to my charity.”

While Marie plans to give her multi-million-dollar fortune away to others after she passes away, Sharon revealed what’s going to happen with her famous family’s big bucks when their family patriarch Ozzy, 71, says his goodbyes.

“Listen, everybody is different. And I just know that my husband’s body of work, that he’s written, and kept us all in the lifestyle that we love, goes to my children,” she told her cohosts of kids Aimee Osbourne, 36, Kelly Osbourne, 35, and Jack Osbourne, 34. “And his name and likeness goes to my children. Because you leave your name and likeness, and I don’t want someone that never met my husband owning his name and likeness, and selling t-shirts everywhere and whatever. No, it stays in the Osbourne family.”

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News of Kirk’s plans to leave his money to charity, rather than to son Michael Douglas and the rest of his beloved family members, made headlines just weeks after he died at age 103 on February 5. Page Six reported the iconic actor left the bulk of his $80 million estate to the Douglas Foundation. Amazing!