While plenty of people of course know who Selma Blair is, it doesn’t seem like Bruce Willis has a clue, at least according to the duo’s recent run-in.

The actress, 47, took to Instagram on Saturday, February 15, to reveal that she ran into the big-time actor, 64, while out and about with her boyfriend Ronnie Carlson at Mauro Cafe in Los Angeles — and it was quite the “random” moment. “Ran into Bruce Willis yesterday. At lunch. He had a bag of bazooka and chapstick. He gave us one. Each. Totally pleased we were,” Selma wrote alongside the cute photo of the trio. Take a look at the post below!

After a fan asked, “Did he have an idea who you were?” in the comments section, the Cruel Intentions costar replied, “No,” adding a laughing emoji. Aww! Plenty of other people rushed to reply to the post as well.

“That’s random of him,” one fan said of the A-lister’s gifts. Another added, “I wouldn’t have picked he would have a chapstick line out. Good on him.” Selma has of course crossed paths with celebrities in the past, as she has been in the industry for quite some time. However, she once met up with Michael J. Fox, who has been a key figure in her life, especially while she battles multiple sclerosis.

“He got in touch with me and we had a conversation,” Selma once revealed during an interview on Good Morning America of the Family Ties alum, who lives with Parkinson’s disease. “Really he gives me hope. Plus I was like, ‘I have Michael J. Fox’s email now, I’m pretty cool.’” The Hollywood star also has a good connection with Ozzy Osbourne‘s son, Jack Osbourne, who is living with the same disease as well.

“I get a lot out of talking to people in kind of the same spot as me,” the TV personality, 34, told People of his conversation with the Selma. “I find it kind of comforting knowing you’re not alone. That was really the crux of the conversation I had with Selma.”

We are just glad to see that Selma is still all smiles!