Helping a fellow mama out. Jamie-Lynn Sigler knows a lot about multiple sclerosis considering she’s been battling the disease for nearly two decades. During a new interview with the beloved The Sopranos star, Jamie-Lynn opened up about her life with MS and how she’s helping out other Hollywood moms like Selma Blair.

“She’s incredibly strong but, you know, MS is different for everybody,” the 38-year-old beauty exclusively shared with Closer Weekly while promoting The Alliance of Moms x S+T “With Heart” Romper. “I think we more relate to each other on the emotional journey of it and with being moms and wanting to be able moms throughout this all and still having dreams and aspirations for ourselves.”

The Gangster Land actress, who is the mom of sons Beau, 6, and Jack, 1, with husband Cutter Dykstra, explained that she and Selma, 47, often chat about similar struggles. “We’re friends, yes. We talk, we text. Actually, our kids go to the same school,” she said of her eldest child and Selma’s 8-year-old son, Arthur. “I think it’s more a sounding board for each other sometimes — it’s just the hard parts, which there are.”

The brunette beauty also got extremely candid about the powerful essay she previously wrote for in March. At the time, Jamie-Lynn penned a heartbreaking letter about how she and her husband have prepared against the devastating disease.

Recalling on the emotional essay, Jamie-Lynn opened up to Closer about having to tell her children of her battle with multiple sclerosis. “Well, Beau’s known. He’s known like little things here and there as he’s gotten older,” she explained. “Like when he was 2 and 3, he’d be like, ‘I want mommy to run,’ and I’d have to say, ‘Well, mommy can’t.’

The Christmas Note actress explained, however, Beau is already interested in asking more questions about his mom’s condition now that he’s getting older. “So I explain to him, ‘Well, mommy has something in her body called MS and it sometimes doesn’t allow her to move her body the way she wants it to,'” she said, explaining that this is the only way her kids know her. “It’s not like they’ve seen any kind of drastic change.”

Although Jamie told Closer that she tries to remind herself “of the gifts that MS can give,” she admitted it’s still easy to feel lousy sometimes. “He’ll prefer sometimes to play with his nanny over me because she can be more physical than I can,” she explained. “Those are the hardest parts for me because I feel helpless.”

Overall, Jamie-Lynn is embracing her MS when it comes to motherhood. “I try to also remind myself of the gifts I can give him because I think even though there are some things I have to sit out on literally, I might be raising a very conscious and empathetic little man,” she gushed.

We can’t wait to continue to watch Jamie-Lynn be the best mom to her boys!

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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