Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler has been married to her husband Cutter Dykstra since 2016 — and she has some incredible advice that all parents should take note of.

“Your kids are the most important thing in your life, but don’t forget your partner,” the 38-year-old exclusively told Closer Weekly while promoting The Alliance of Moms x S+T “With Heart” Romper. “Cutter and I, I would say probably every at least three months we’ll take a weekend trip just us. And while it’s hard to leave your kids and you can feel guilty about it, life can get really overwhelming.” The happy pair share two sons — Beau, 6, and Jack, 1.

The Sopranos alum continued, “We have our separate jobs and we see each other maybe two hours a day and then even on weekends, they’re not relaxing because we’re running around with our kids everywhere — having those weekend trips really uhh … and you know we drive 30 minutes, an hour away — somewhere near where we are just so we can relax and remember life without the little ones.” However, even the young couple have had ups and downs in their marriage.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Cutter Dykstra
Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

“I think when you’re dealing with newborns and exhaustion, I mean that brings out the worst in people, so I think having patience and understanding when one of us hasn’t slept as well as the other, because we would take turns a lot of the time — and then look, we come from different backgrounds,” the Entourage costar explained. “We come from different parents and so even though we can say that we have the same plan when it comes to parenting, there’s a lot of the times where we’ll disagree. So the big thing for me is I’m okay with the disagreement but not in front of the kids.”

“If we do sometimes slip and disagree because we’re human and this happens, I think having them see the resolve and having them see us make up, even if we’re not really made up yet, is important,” Jamie-Lynn added. “I don’t want them going through life thinking all relationships should be perfect/you should never have a disagreement because that’s not the truth and it’ll set them up to have fear if it happens to them. So it’s good for them to see you make up.” So true!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper