A conversation for the future. Jaime-Lynn Sigler was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than ten years ago, but the actress is now thinking about how she will explain her condition to her kids.

“My oldest son is five and so he has awareness,” the 38-year-old told Us Weekly on Wednesday, June 12, at the Saint by Ira DeWitt launch benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “Only in the past year have I used the words MS to explain things. I think I just follow his lead, what he wants to know. Then I will tell him. I don’t need to offer the information.”

“If he’s inquiring about something, I’m happy to talk about it and don’t force it on him. It doesn’t need to be the topic all the time because it’s only a small part of me,” The Sopranos alum continued. “He’s well aware of my abilities and disabilities and he knows no other mom, and so he has no judgment about that, which I appreciate.”

Jamie shares two kids — Beau, 5, and Jack, 16-months — with her husband, Cutter Dykstra. The Wise Girl author isn’t the only notable face in Hollywood who has opened up about having MS — Selma Blair has also talked about her battle, although Jamie doesn’t want to compare their situations.

“Everybody’s different,” Jamie explained. “I think if you get in the game of comparing, then you start feeling like, well, I’m fortunate here, but I’m less fortunate here — and I just really try never to go down that rabbit hole.” This isn’t the first time that the Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss star has spoken about her MS.

“When I learned I was pregnant with my first son, Beau, six years ago, I was terrified,” she once wrote for Shondaland.com. “I had to think about how my MS would affect someone else. (I say this, because my husband has made me feel since day one that this disease had no negative effect on us as a couple.) But with my son, his safety depended on me! His survival!” Jamie also spoke about her fears with her kids growing up and becoming more active.

“A million thoughts ran through my head. What if he runs off and I can’t chase him one day?” the brunette beauty continued. “What if I can’t carry him up and down the stairs? What if he won’t want to play with me because I can’t be the ‘fun mom’ who runs on the beach with him, or chases him around the house?”

We are so impressed by Jamie’s courage through her entire battle. We wish her nothing but the best!