Here’s just another reason why we adore Selma Blair. The beloved Cruel Intentions actress took to Instagram on Wednesday, June 5, to share the news that she selflessly gifted fellow multiple sclerosis patient Brandon Stringfellow La Voie a pricey mobility bike.

“I have good news for one lovely, strong and lucky man today. @the_alinker_world and I have decided that @stringfellow_deeds needs his #alinker sooner than crowdfunding is happening,” gushed the 46-year-old — who has been open and honest about her struggle with MS.

Selma sweetly continued, “I am so excited for him to be able to get out and moving.” Over the past few months, the Legally Blonde actress has been quite candid about the setbacks she’s recently faced — which includes every day things like breathing, walking and riding her horse.

Since Selma received her mobility bike, life has never been better — and she is over the moon happy about sharing the wealth with Brandon. “This device that Barbara has invented has changed how I view leaving the house. Going on walks. Being active,” she said of the bike, which typically retails around $2,000. “We cannot wait for the freedom you can feel and energy that can be saved by mobility with wheels while sitting.”

Selma Blair
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Brandon also took to Instagram after Selma shared the incredible news. “[Selma] didn’t just choose me to receive this beautiful gift, she messaged me for almost 45 minutes,” he wrote in a heartwarming post. “We both talked about our journeys with #multiplesclerosis and what our futures may hold.”

He said that although most days are filled with pain, having access to his own mobility bike will be forever life-changing. “I will fall again. However I won’t spend the day in bed wondering how I will be able to get around,” he continued. “I won’t need to cry because I feel ashamed. I’ll just get on my #alinker and kill another day in the life of a #mswarrior.”

Selma first opened up about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in October 2018. “I was in this wardrobe fitting two days ago. And I am in the deepest gratitude. So profound, it is, I have decided to share,” the brunette beauty shared at the time. “The brilliant costumer #Allisaswanson not only designs the pieces #harperglass will wear on this new #Netflix show, but she carefully gets my legs in my pants, pulls my tops over my head, buttons my coats and offers her shoulder to steady myself. I have #multiplesclerosis.”

We couldn’t love Selma more even if we tried.