See ya, haters! Selma Blair was recently criticized by a bunch of people online when she shared a photo of herself wearing a headwrap to Instagram on Tuesday, May 28.

“We have one answer to your bad hair days or NO hair days. #alopecia @rachelfleit … wraps!” she penned the caption alongside a photo of herself with filmmaker Rachel Fleit in the fashionable accessories. “(Oh, it’s been around for thousands of years…).”

Soon after Selma’s post went live she was immediately accused of cultural appropriation. Her haters didn’t even take the time to realize that hair issues go hand-in-hand with Selma’s Multiple Sclerosis disease or that Rachel suffered from alopecia.

“Not brilliant,” one troll commented on the social media post. “Not Cool.” Another said the actress was sporting a “cultural accessory” and yet one more asked why Selma wore the head wrap “when the religious people who actually wears it gets so much ridicule.”

In an effort to defend herself, the Legally Blonde actress took to social media to explain the decision to wear the accessory. “A head wrap can be useful and beautiful in all cultures. Love, especially ones who need it,” she said. “So none of these comments hurt.”

Selma later shared a photo of her 7-year-old son wearing the same head wrap to Instagram. “See. It’s a thing of love. And warmth,” she wrote.

“Beautiful Selma love it. I remember seeing my mom wearing one in the 70’s. I am amazed of all these people with negative comment, no love and no tolerance. 💗,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “I love this! My BFF just lost all her hair from chemo — where can I get something like what you two are wearing @selmablair??”

Selma has no time for these haters! She has more important things to worry about.