It’s pretty clear Selma Blair is not alone in her battle with multiple sclerosis. Not only does she have her family’s support, but she has Michel J. Fox‘s as well.

The 46-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 3, to share a photo with her arm around the Back to the Future star, 57, while they smile for the camera. “I like this man. I am not alone in feeling this way,” Selma captioned the photo, noting how the pair were both wearing T-shirts of “underdog” characters from the ’70s. She continued: “We are all a time capsule in this photo … my heart! Your presence. You. The best. Thank you.” Check out the lovely photo below!

The Hellboy actress wasn’t done thanking famous faces from the past, as she gave a shoutout to Dirty Dancing alum Jennifer Grey for taking the photo. “I just blew your minds, right?” her caption reads. While Selma revealed she was battling multiple sclerosis back in October 2018, Michael has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease since 1991. Given that fact, it’s no surprise the Legally Blonde star would rely on the Family Ties alum for advice on how to deal with a brutal health condition.

“He got in touch with me and we had a conversation,” Selma once said on Good Morning America of Michael reaching out to her. She added, “Really he gives me hope. Plus I was like, ‘I have Michael J. Fox’s email now, I’m pretty cool.’”

Selma Blair
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Selma recently had to respond to a worrying photo that showed her best pal Sarah Michelle Gellar pushing her while she sat in a wheelchair during a Disneyland outing in Anaheim, California.

“I can stand. I can walk. Don’t worry folks. But that uses up the whole day of energy,” the mom-of-one captioned the photo on Instagram. “I am still in an exacerbation so this is how I roll. I busted my tailbone or would use my #alinker … Seriously. Thank you Sarah and @jaime_king who basically saved me last week. And @reesewitherspoon who sent food for the weekend. I love you all.”