The View’s Sara Haines admitted that her husband, Max Shifrin, didn’t check all of her boxes when she first met him on a dating app.

When Sara, 46, connected with Max, who is five years her junior, on OkCupid, she was looking for specific qualities in a potential partner.

“I had a lot of guidelines that Max did not hit,” the TV host explained during an episode of The View’s “Behind the Table” podcast on May 9. “I had a 6-foot minimum on height. I had an age, which he didn’t even clear by, like, three years. He had agnostic, and I come from a family that went to church and it was really important to me. I think he had atheist at the time, which he is not, but atheist scared me a little. I thought, ‘Why answer the question if you’re putting that up there?’”

“Everything was a bit of … not red flag … it shows you that when it’s maybe someone you can make it work with, some of those details you thought were important aren’t,” she confessed.

Sara revealed that Max is 5-foot-10. “I can’t wear heels because he doesn’t like me to wear anything that puts me above him, but that’s not really a problem for me because I hate heels,” she said.

The Chase host and the lawyer got married in 2014, and welcomed three kids together: Alec, Sandra and Caleb. This wasn’t the first instance where Sara got candid about her marriage and journey to the altar.

“It’s so funny, but when you do have one good date with someone, people are like, ‘Do you think he’s The One?’ When I married Max, I still [didn’t] know if he was The One,” she admitted during a December 2017 interview with Glamour. “I mean that in an open way. I tell Max, ‘There’s no one person.’ We both agree on this and laugh all the time. There are thousands of The Ones. It’s The One you decide to commit to.”

Sara Haines Says Husband Max Didn't Meet Her Dating 'Guidelines'
Courtesy of Sara Haines/Instagram

On the podcast, Sara also shared that she recently watched the film The Idea of You, starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, whose characters have a 16-year age difference.

“Well, I watched it because this whole story plot of this idea of liking a younger person didn’t appeal to me and it’s not shading anyone younger because I’m not talking about women,” Sara reflected. “Men and their maturities and the way they line up with women are just different. So I tend to bond more with either people that are wise beyond their years and young or they’re older all the time, almost.”

“What I realized is it wasn’t the dynamic of the age, it was more their love,” she added of the movie. “The two of them together. It was just beautiful. … It was more the relationship that I loved, the way they bonded over him being more than a pop star.”