Is that you, Russell Crowe?! The Australian actor used to be one of the most handsome in Hollywood, but lately he looks totally unrecognizable thanks to his weight gain and huge beard.

The actor has stepped out a lot over the past few months and many think the 54-year-old’s scruffy look has a lot to do with the fact that he and his rumored flame Terri Irwin don’t see much of each other anymore.

russell crowe and terri irwin

“They spent so much time together and were inseparable, so it’s certainly strange they haven’t been seen together for a while,” a source told Woman’s Day. “It looks like Russell may have been dumped by Terri – and if that’s happened he’ll be heartbroken for sure.”

“That could explain why he’s not looking his best these days. Obviously, people age but Russ is a completely different man now, physically and mentally,” the source added. “It was like he’d totally given up caring about what he looks like. You got the feeling that if he was allowed to turn up in sweats, he would have.”

Terri and Russell have been plagued by dating rumors for years even though the actor was friends with her late husband Steve Irwin before his death. He once publicly gushed about her. “Terri Irwin is quite frankly one of the most fabulous women on the planet. She is a beautiful person, an intelligent woman, so hardworking, so honorable,” he said during an interview with Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny. “So the thing is I do love Terri Irwin. Absolutely, she’s fabulous.”

russell crowe and terri irwin

Terri was previously married to Steve — who passed away in September 2006 at age 44 after being fatally stabbed by a stingray while snorkeling in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef — from 1992 until his death. The couple have two children, daughter Bindi Irwin, 19, and son Robert Irwin, 14, together. Russell married Aussie singer Danielle Spencer — with whom he has sons Charles Spencer Crowe, 14, and Tennyson Spencer Crowe, 12 — in 2002, but the two separated in 2012 and are now divorced. Hopefully Terri and Russell work something out!