Before now, we were just beyond excited to hear that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first baby together. But reports have just surfaced that British bettors are placing tons of money on the prediction that Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, might be having twins — and now twins in the royal family are all we can think about!

According to The Express UK, gamblers have immensely raised the stakes over the last 24 hours that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting two babies. “Many punters feel as though Meghan and Harry will have their hands full with not one but two babies next year. We have seen a rush of bets since their announcement for the couple to have twins,” a spokesperson for Coral, an online sports betting company in England, told the news outlet.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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Since Meghan announced her first pregnancy on Monday, Oct. 15, bettors have also reportedly increased the odds that the royal couple is expecting triplets to 50/1 and most people think they’ll welcome a boy, with bets for a son rising to 10/11 this week.

Betting house Coral is also now taking guesses on what Harry and Meghan will name their first child with James emerging as an early favorite at 7/1. Other names reportedly in the running include Victoria (8/1), Thomas (12/1), Diana and Elizabeth (both at 16/1), and Philip (20/1).

“Over 60 percent of all the bets we have taken so far have been for James who is the early favorite. But if it is a girl, Victoria, Olivia, and Diana are the names which are being heavily backed,” the Coral spokesperson revealed.

Betting intelligence website spokesperson Alex Kostin also told The Express UK that Harry and Meghan’s baby news might lead to historic bets placed on everything about the forthcoming bundle of joy from now until next spring.

“Meghan and Harry’s popularity is off the charts and their good news will send the public into a royal betting frenzy of epic proportions. Fans are so keen to speculate on every aspect of the baby and millions will be riding on the name, arrival date, and sex among many other predictions. Bookies will be desperate the pair go for an outside choice of name as if they follow tradition, royal watchers will cash in like never before,” Kostin said.

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