Peter Marshall began his Hollywood career in the ‘50s, snagging roles in several musicals and comedy films. In 1966, he became a popular game show host on NBC’s Hollywood Squares, a role that lasted for 15 years. The radio personality, born in 1926, also became a father to four children with his first wife, Nadene R. Teaford: Pete LaCock, Suzanne LaCock, Jaime LaCock and late son David LaCock. 

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Who is Peter’s son Pete LaCock?

Peter’s eldest son, Pete, was born on January 17, 1952. He became a professional baseball player after he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 1970. The first baseman made his major league debut for the team in 1972. After playing with the Cubs until 1976, Pete later signed with the Kansas City Royals. He made his last MLB appearance in 1980.

Pete later joined the Senior Professional Baseball Association in 1989. The former baseball star transitioned into becoming a coach in the Canadian Baseball League in the early 2000s and is an avid marathon runner. In 2012, he became the head coach of the Cronulla Sharks and the manager of the Prescott Montezuma Federals. 

Peter Marshall Kids: Meet Pete, Suzanne, David and Jaime

Who is Peter’s Daughter Suzanne LaCock? 

Peter’s eldest daughter Suzanne has several production credits on IMDb. She worked as a producer on 1981’s That’s Incredible!, 1990’s The Earth Day Special and Wild and Crazy Kids and 2000’s Against All Odds. In 2001, Suzanne directed two episodes of FanClub and also has one acting credit from the 1975 television series Switch

Suzanne loves posting photos with her father on Instagram. The pair hang out at home often with Peter’s grandchildren. She is married to 60 Minutes producer David Browning

Who was Peter’s son David LaCock? 

In August 2021, Peter announced on Twitter that his youngest son, David, had died at the age of 68 due to complications from COVID-19. He shared a photo with him on Twitter to honor his memory.  

“In loving memory of my free-spirited son David, whom we just lost to COVID. He was joyful, beautiful, magnificent, giving, doting & talented,” the Annie actor wrote. “He made this a better world. He made our family’s lives sweeter.”

David was happily married to his wife, Alison Chuang, and they lived in Hawaii with their family. “It’s really very sad,” Peter told Closer in February 2022 about his son’s death. “He was just a wonderful boy who had eight children, six grandchildren and a wonderful wife. He was an artist. It just breaks my heart. To lose a child is just awful.” 

Peter Marshall Kids: Meet Pete, Suzanne, David and Jaime

Who is Peter’s Daughter Jaime LaCock? 

Not much is known about Peter’s youngest daughter Jaime and it looks like she has decided to stay out of the spotlight. Still, one thing that is clear is The Lucy Show alum’s top priority is to spend time with his family. 

​​“I’m a great-grandparent, too. I love it,” Peter told Closer. “I have terrific, interesting grandkids. They come to see me, which is great.”