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Paul McCartney Loves When His Family Comes Together! Meet the Beatles Frontman’s 5 Kids

To the world, Paul McCartney is known as the frontman of the legendary band The Beatles. The “Come Together” artist plays a much bigger role in the lives of his family, though, including being the dad of his five children, Heather McCartneyMary McCartney, Stella McCartney, James McCartney and Beatrice McCartney.

The music icon has lived quite an amazing life thanks to an endless string of No. 1 hits and touring around the world, but nothing compares to his journey through fatherhood. “I love being a dad,” the “Hey Jude” musician told The Telegraph in January 2009. “My typical morning these days would be to get up at 6:30 a.m., make breakfast, get Beatrice up, get her dressed and watch some TV.”

Paul became a dad for the first time with his late wife, Linda McCartney, when they welcomed his older children, Mary, Stella and James. He also became the father of Linda’s daughter, Heather, having adopted her after the couple married in 1969.

Tragically, Linda died in April 1998 from breast cancer, and four years later, he moved on with his second spouse, Heather Mills. The duo expanded Paul’s family by welcoming their daughter, Beatrice, but Paul and Heather split after six years of marriage in 2008. In 2011, he married his third wife, Nancy Shevell.

Since the rocker doesn’t have a nanny, he does everything himself, including taking his daughter to school and picking her up every day. “I love every second of it and I’m not exhausted at all,” Paul gushed to the outlet. “People say, I’m up at 6:30 a.m., what is going on? But I genuinely love it. It’s a thrill bringing up a young kid. It’s such an education. I’m a different dad now, but it’s good.”

Other than Beatrice, who is still a teen, Paul’s kids have achieved a lot in their careers. Mary is a successful photographer and James has helped his father create some of his studio albums. He’s even released two EPs and studio albums of his own.

“Music has been important to me my whole life,” James told the Daily Herald in April 2017. “I love performing live, and it’s great fun. It can be nerve-wracking sometimes, mostly because I get so pumped up for it! Ultimately, though, when you look out at the audience and see them connecting with the music you’ve written, it’s all worth it. An amazing and beautiful experience.”

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