How lucky is Marie Osmond?! The superstar’s brothers — Alan Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Merrill Osmond and Jay Osmond — made her the sweetest video tribute in honor of her 60th birthday on Sunday, October 13. In the clip, which aired the following day on The Talk, they mentioned what it was like growing up with Marie and what they love the most about her.

“I think the greatest compliment I can give my sister is that she’s so much like our mother. She’s not only a wonderful wife but she’s a great mother to her kids and a wonderful grandmother,” Jay, 64, gushed in the video after he jokingly said he’s “Marie’s favorite.”

the osmonds

However, the love didn’t end there. Alan, 70, also talked about Marie’s caregiving attitude. “She cares and loves others. She’s always giving to others before giving to herself,” he said, and Alan couldn’t be any more proud of what Marie has given their family.

“She brought in a sense of class and beauty to our family and she is the jewel on top of the tree,” he said.

After everyone talked a little bit about Marie, they each said a few kind words about the star for her birthday. “Happy birthday, little sis! You’ve been a wonderful sister and a second mother and I appreciate you so much,” Jay gushed. “We’re proud of her.”

“Your precious to me and I love you with all of my heart. Don’t ever change! You’re changing the world,” Merrill, 66, added.

Wayne, 68, also had a few nice things to say about Marie too. “I have always loved being your big sister,” he joked before letting out a huge laugh.

However, the best part about the video was when Marie’s family recalled the day that she was born. “We always wanted a little sister so when she showed up it was the greatest time in our lives because she was out little princess,” Merrill remembered.

“There were seven brothers at the time and we went to the hospital after we found out it was a little girl and we sang outside the hospital,” Alan continued. “My mother held Marie out the window as we sang, ‘I want a girl. Just like the girl that married dear old dad.'”

Marie has the best siblings in the world!