Even though Melanie Griffith may be “open” to finding love while “occasionally” dating, that doesn’t mean there aren’t important relationships in her life. In fact, she has three! We, of course, are talking about the Working Girl star’s three kids — Alexander Bauer, 34, Dakota Johnson, 30, and Stella Banderas, 23.

A friend of the 62-year-old actress exclusively described the bond she has with her children as “close” and “loving” in an interview with Closer Weekly. “She tries to be demonstrative with her love always,” they added.

Melanie Griffith With Children Alexander Bauer, Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas
Dave Lewis/Shutterstock

As for what kind of mom Melanie is, it sounds like she is the perfect blend of being there for them while also keeping her cool and letting them explore the world for themselves.

“She is truly proud of her kids, but she lets them live their own lives, make their own mistakes,” they noted — also mentioning how being a “hovering” parent is simply not her style.

Having been through some tough times in the past — specifically her public struggle with drugs and alcohol — she has shown Alexander, Dakota and Stella how to make it through anything.

“When she saw how it was affecting her kids,” the pal explained, revealing what helped her overcome those demons, “she knew she couldn’t do it to them.”

Melanie Griffith With Kids Alexander Bauer, Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas
Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

With Dakota being her most famous kid — finding fame by starring in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie franchise — Melanie never had to worry how she would turn out.

“She doesn’t have to,” the insider said. “Dakota saw her mother go through it all. Dakota is a smart girl and is staying away from all of that. She knows the pitfalls and won’t make the same mistakes her mother did.”

One mistake Melanie — who has been married to Don Johnson (1976-1976 and 1989-1996), Steven Bauer (1981-1989) and Antonio Banderas (1996-2015) — seems to regret is that things didn’t work out with Antonio, 59. The source told Closer Weekly she is “sad” her marriage to the Pain and Glory actor didn’t work out.

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