Though she’s her own woman, Meghan Markle has been compared to Princess Diana hundreds of times and apparently it’s because she carries herself with the same grace and integrity that the late royal once had. And like Diana, she wants to do things her own way at Kensington Palace.

“Meghan is the most potent modernizing force in the royal family,” royals expert Richard Fitzwilliams recently told Us Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue. “In her trips abroad, she has behaved impeccably, communicating so spontaneously to individuals and to crowds and looking gorgeous. She and Harry clearly need to do things their way, and that may well not be the conventional royal way.”

Meghan Markle Princess Diana
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Another royal insider revealed to the magazine that the former actress, 37, wants to have a better line of communication to the public, even though it doesn’t follow royal tradition. “Some of the things Meghan wants to do, specifically when it comes to communication, will break from tradition,” the source stated. “She wants to have a direct voice to have more impact.”

Meghan has proven that she’s not afraid of breaking away from royal tradition when she had her New York City baby shower on Tuesday, February 19 — a celebration that lasted two days. And it seems members of the royal family aren’t supposed to have parties to celebrate their pregnancies because they are “very wealthy.”

Royals expert Victoria Arbiter previously told The Sun that “a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate. It’s no wonder why Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler, recently told the outlet that Prince William might be unhappy with Prince Harry‘s newlywed wife.

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“I think Prince William will be angered by all of Meghan’s lavish extravagance,” he said about the baby shower. “He has spent years working with the press to give them what they want but also gets what he wants in return — privacy. Meghan is doing exactly what he doesn’t — courting attention all for her and her baby.” Looks like Meghan is not afraid to break the rules!