Marie Osmond Sports Knee Brace While Running Errands in L.A. Just a Week After Falling on Stage

When Marie Osmond appeared on the November 11 episode of The Talk with a knee brace, fans were dying to know exactly what happened to her. The 60-year-old singer revealed she “chipped off a piece” of her kneecap during one of her final Las Vegas residency performances with Donny Osmond and, even though their residency there has just ended, she is still sporting her knee brace for good measure.

Marie was most recently seen wearing wearing it on Sunday, November 17, around Los Angeles when she was running errands on her own.

“Look, this is my knee. It’s under the knee cap and it went down into my ankle,” the “Paper Roses” singer said while showing off her injury in a video she shared to Instagram on Wednesday, November 13. “Only four more shows … but I told everybody that I’m going to do them, I don’t care whether I fell or not. But I just wanted to let you know that I’m not faking it. Here … see?”

In the video, Marie’s knee looked quite bruised. But even though she wasn’t in tip-top shape, The Talk cohost still continued to perform until her very last show with Donny over the weekend. After making it through the entire performance, she shared a touching tribute to social media in honor of the 11 years spent with her brother Donny on that stage.

“Well we made it over the finish line and I only limped a little!! 😂♥️,” Marie joked via Instagram. “Last night as ‘Donny and Marie’ we sang together again but this time was for the last time. I’m not losing him, we are, after all, still brother and sister and I’ll see him at Christmas 😂But ‘Donny and Marie’ will be different now. Change is a good reminder that it’s the only thing in life that IS consistent. 😉But this is one of those times when it isn’t easy to move forward without tears.”

Marie’s knee will take some time to heal but, luckily, she can take it easy while gabbing with her The Talk cohosts. “I feel so blessed,” she previously told Closer Weekly about her amazing career. “I probably will work until I’m dead just because it’s always been a safe place for me.”

We don’t know what we’ll do if Marie ever retired!

Scroll below to see Marie with her knee brace on in L.A. as she runs errands like a pro!