That’s a wrap, everyone! After 11 years of Marie Osmond performing with her brother Donny Osmond in Las Vegas, their show has finally come to an end. They performed for the last time together over the weekend, and Marie commemorated the special occasion with a clip of them saying goodbye to their fans on stage to Instagram.

“Well we made it over the finish line and I only limped a little!! 😂♥️ Last night as ‘Donny and Marie’ we sang together again but this time was for the last time,” she wrote. “I’m not losing him, we are, after all, still brother and sister and I’ll see him at Christmas 😂But ‘Donny and Marie’ will be different now. Change is a good reminder that it’s the only thing in life that IS consistent. 😉But this is one of those times when it isn’t easy to move forward without tears.”

Marie then explained why she loved her Las Vegas residency with Donny so much. “The Flamingo was exactly the ‘stay at home job’ I needed and Donny and I both felt God’s hand in everything we did,” she added. “During this time I literally got my life back on track. I was a single mom with eight kids and a lot of baggage — along with their broken hearts to heal.”

“Performing with Donny provided stability for my children by not traveling and for the first time I felt peace. I could be a mom and still do what I loved with someone I trusted, my brother Donny — I love you Donny! Thank you for being my big brother ♥️,” the “Paper Roses” singer continued. “Then there are the fans! You have been such a blessing in my life and I have God to thank for that. But I’m not a new person as I go forward, just more refined … like silver.”

Donny also showed his gratitude to his sister after they had such an amazing run at the Flamingo resort. “I owe the biggest thank you of all to my dear sister who worked so hard, side-by-side with me all of these years,” he said via Instagram.

Donny Osmond Marie Osmond

With such a close bond, Donny and Marie will never be apart. The Talk cohost previously told Closer that she and her brother get along so well because they share the same “DNA.”

“That kind of like makes you close,” Marie gushed. “Donny and I, we have so much history together. Even though we had our own careers and I did my thing for years and he did his, I mean, we’re family.”