Kristen Bell has shared her acting and singing talents with the world for more than two decades but at home, her two daughters, Lincoln and Delta, never hold back from dishing out some tough love! The Veronica Mars alum revealed “the amount of insults that they can hurl at me in a very short period of time” brings her “back down to earth,” in an interview with E! News on Monday, November 7. 

Kristen, 42, shares Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, with her husband, Dax Shepard. Though the Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee has a lengthy resume with more than 100 acting credits, her little ones always keep her humble.

“I come home, and they will just they’ll pull the rug out from under you so quickly,” she revealed. The House of Lies star joked that if a film was developed based on her life, it would be called “My Kids Keep Me Grounded.” This isn’t the first time Kristen revealed her children’s honest responses about her career.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Rare Family Photos of Daughters
Courtesy of Kristen Bell/Instagram

The mom of two voiced Anna in Disney’s Frozen, the animated blockbuster musical released in November 2013. The movie became a staple in millions of households with iconic hits like “Let It Go” and “Love Is an Open Door,” however, Kristen’s eldest daughter did not hold back her thoughts on the film when she stayed home sick from school one day. 

“About 15 minutes in, she said, ‘Mommy, I think you should turn this off,’” Kristen recalled during a March 2016 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after trying to watch Frozen with Lincoln.

Eventually, Lincoln and Delta warmed up to watching the Disney hit ahead of the release of its sequel in November 2019.

“When they first saw Frozen, they liked it, but didn’t love it,” the Michigan native told People at the time. “And I find that so funny because I think it’s in your DNA to reject your parents. So, they like it very much and they do sometimes dress as the characters, but I think that’s also because it’s culturally sort of a phenomenon. Like their friends dress as the characters. But it’s funny now more recently they’ve gotten more into it.”

Kristen admitted that her daughters “both love Elsa,” the ice queen portrayed by Idina Menzel. All jokes aside, spending time with Dax and the girls is something she cherishes above anything else.

“I always think, ‘If I’m on my deathbed, what am I going to be thinking about?’ And it won’t be some random movie I participated in or some TV show,” she said during a July 2016 interview with CBS. “It will be my family.”