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Kristen Bell Is a Beachside Beauty! See Her Stunning Bikini Photos So Far

Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell has a fabulous fashion sense! The mom of two always looks fierce at each red carpet event she attends. Over on her Instagram account, fans have gotten to see her style at home when she’s hanging out by the pool or on a family getaway. 

Kristen, who married her husband, Dax Shepard, in 2013, has also given fans glimpses into her workout routine with videos and pictures taken while she is in the gym. 

“Most days, I run or lift weights for at least 30 minutes,” the Frozen actress told Shape in April 2021. “Or I’ll take a CrossFit class on But if I don’t have the energy, I refuse to beat myself up. Instead, I’ll do a 10-minute meditation or stretch class on YouTube to prioritize myself.”

Kristen opened up about her beauty and self-care routine while navigating life as a working mom. The Good Place star shares daughters Lincoln and Delta with the podcast host. 

“Beauty isn’t what you look like. It’s about how you feel,” she said. “Although when I need a pick-me-up, I throw on a little mascara or lip balm.”

Though life in Hollywood with two kids can get a bit busy at times, Kristen is happy they made the decision to start a family together after initially being hesitant about parenthood.  

“I wasn’t positive I wanted kids. But I can now confirm having them is absolutely unmissable,” the Golden Globe nominee told Good Housekeeping in April 2015. “Before we had the girls, I asked a few people in my life who are annoyingly blunt and honest on every level if we should, knowing that if it wasn’t worth it, they’d have the balls to say, ‘Listen, don’t. Live your life.’ But across the board, everyone said it was unmissable.”

Though Kristen and Dax are private when it comes to sharing photos of their children’s faces on social media, it’s obvious that their family has a ton of fun together. Whether it’s taking trips or celebrating her girls’ milestones with sweet shout-outs on Instagram, Kristen radiates happiness and beauty. 

Keep scrolling to see Kristen’s beautiful swimsuit photos.