While taking to Instagram on Wednesday, January 8, Kelly Ripa has revealed yet another reason to love her! She debuted her husband Mark Conuelos‘ new haircut, and in the caption she didn’t hesitate to call him her favorite nickname.

“#Daddy got a haircut,” she wrote. “That’s right, I said it. #DADDY.” After reading that, Kelly’s fans were quick to support her in the comments. “😂 I say it lol. Who hasn’t called their man daddy? Come on ladies 😂😂❤️👏🏻👏🏻,” one of her followers wrote. Another said, “I love the word ‘daddy!'”.

It’s no secret Kelly, 49, has received a lot of backlash from her haters on social media for sharing some intimate details about her life. In fact, when she shared a throwback photo of Mark, 48, holding her from behind in March 2019 with the caption, “#fbf 2007 Those hands,” her daughter Lola Consuelos, logged on to share her opinion.

“Is the caption necessary?” the 19-year-old wrote, but Kelly wasn’t having it. “Gurl bye,” she hilariously replied with the hand-waving emoji.

However, some of Kelly’s fans loved the caption and the pic. “They look like great hands Kelly, @youngestyung [Lola’s Instagram name] is just jealous,” one person said. “No, she’s just grossed out,” the Live! host wrote back. “That’s my daughter.” So funny!

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Lola and her parents have an interesting relationship. She doesn’t like their PDA or the way they dress. “I do ask her for advice sometimes,” the Riverdale actor recently revealed to People. “You know, she’ll let us know if something’s bad.”

But for Kelly, it’s the opposite. “She doesn’t even bother with me,” the All My Children alum joked. “She just feels that what I wear is embarrassing and awful. But then I think that means that I’ve gotten something right. … I don’t think your teenage daughters should like what you’re wearing.”

Maybe one day Lola won’t be too embarrassed by her parents. Until then, we’ll live for their hilarious interactions over social media!