If you’re a member of the British royal family, you know it’s incredibly difficult to lead an ordinary life. The paparazzi follow you everywhere and people are always dying to know every single little detail about you — but that didn’t stop Kate Middleton from taking her kids on a totally average shopping trip recently.

“I saw Kate, [Prince] George and [Princess] Charlotte in Waitrose, Norfolk, and they queued at the checkout like a normal family,” an eyewitness exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly about the royal sighting on Thursday, August 1. “Kate seems so lovely and patient. You can tell she wants to blend in and be normal.”

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Kate and her children’s shopping trip to comes just a few days after their luxurious Caribbean vacation to Mustique, a private island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In late July, she traveled there with all three of her kids and her husband, Prince William

“William, Kate and the kids returned to Mustique for the second year in a row,” another insider revealed to Closer. “George, Charlotte and [Prince] Louis love visiting the island and due to the privacy regulations it’s one of the few places where they can switch off and have the space and freedom to spend quality time as a family.”

William picked a great place to spend their vacation too. “They’re staying in a gorgeous 10-bedroom house so there’s plenty of room for guests,” the insider said at the time. “The pad is certainly fit for a king and comes with an infinity pool, spa area, huge garden, fully equipped gym and a private chef.”

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Not only that but Kate and her hubby got to spend a lot of alone time together in Mustique. “The couple barely gets to spend any quality alone time in London so the timing couldn’t have been better — it was just what the doctor ordered to keep their romance alive,” the source said.

Nothing like a relaxing family vacation!