Family is at the center of HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous! Husband and wife duo Dave and Jenny Marrs prove time and time again that they make a great team. The pair, who share five children together, have an incredible team of carpenters and friends who help them with their projects, including Chase Looney and his father, Joe Looney. Keep scrolling to learn more about Joe. 

Who Is Joe Looney on ‘Fixer to Fabulous’? 

Joe formerly worked as a firefighter before joining the cast of Fixer to Fabulous with his son. Chase is a second-generation firefighter who put his carpentry skills to the test on the HGTV series starting in its 2017 pilot episode. He learned most of his skills from his dad, whom he has a close relationship with. Luckily, Dave and Jenny were eager to welcome them both on board for the series. 

“For as long as I can remember, I have been by your side,” Chase wrote in a July 2020 Instagram post dedicated to his dad. “It’s always been you and I at the job site or the fire department together, from the age of 8 to well, now. I remember you taking me to calls in your Fire Chief truck. Our memories together include countless hours I spent just hanging out in your office at the fire department, even lifting weights with you and all the other firefighters on your shift.”

Joe Looney HGTV ‘Fixer to Fabulous’: Chase Looney Dad
Courtesy of Chase Looney/Instagram

The father-son carpentry duo have helped Dave and Jenny create custom furniture and build pieces to perfectly execute their home renovations. Though Chase has not appeared on the series since November 2022, viewers can’t get enough of the Looney family. 

Dave is also very close to Joe. He shared a sweet video of the craftsman surprising his daughter Charlotte with a miniature horse on her birthday in May 2020.

“This is the Joe Looney I know and love,” Dave captioned the video on Facebook. “You all see him just agreeing with @jennymarrs on Fixer to Fabulous. I know him as a kind, generous man that will do anything for kids and animals! Thanks for making a little girl’s dream come true yesterday, Joe!”

What Happened to Joe Looney on ‘Fixer to Fabulous’? 

Joe melted viewers’ hearts during a December 2021 episode of Fixer to Fabulous when Dave and Jenny renovated Bella Vista Animal Shelter in Bella Vista, Arkansas. The construction expert ended up adopting one of the dogs at the shelter and named her Spirit. He opened up about his late dog, Lucky, who had died just ahead of the renovation. 

“I said I would never have a dog after Lucky,” he revealed during the episode. “She said, ‘Take me home.’ I said, ‘OK.'”

While it appears Chase has gone back to work for the fire department, Joe has not made any announcements about leaving Fixer to Fabulous. He reflected on how much of a joy it has been to work on the popular series. 

“I really enjoy watching a project come together. I like working on really old houses — they’re much more of a challenge,” he revealed during a September 2022 interview with San Antonio Magazine. “Dave, Jenny and Chase joke that I was probably around when they were built.”