Jessica Alba and Cash Warren Are the Proud Parents of 3 Spunky Kids — Meet Them!

From Hollywood actress to successful businesswoman, Jessica Alba has her hands full, but she and her husband, Cash Warren, always put their three kids as priority No. 1.

The Dark Angel alum met her love in 2004 while on the set of her film Fantastic Four. Four years later, the pair were married. They now share three children — daughters Honor and Haven, and son Hayes. Today, the Honey star goes above and beyond to continue to give everything to their children.

“I try to be completely present with them. I want to make the time I spend with them quality,” Jessica once told Us Weekly about always being with her little ones. However, she acknowledged that she is not a perfect mother.

“You’re going to make mistakes,” she said. “Try to learn from them. At the end of the day, if you’re doing your best, that’s all you can really do.” Thanks to Jessica and Cash, their children are becoming model citizens, and Jessica said that has everything to do with them not wanting to raise “a-holes.”

“If they get out of line, we’re not going to stand for it. We’ve tried to maintain the values our parents taught us,” she previously told Reveal magazine. “I don’t shy away from setting boundaries and routines.” Some of the things the Sin City actress would have her kids do are make their beds, set the table and do other chores around the house.

“We’ve found that if they’re busy, they don’t have as much time to fight,” Cash explained. “When they don’t have anything to do, it seems the most entertaining thing is to get on each other’s nerves. With our two daughters, Jessica and I will divide and conquer. Jessica will take Honor out and I’ll take Haven out, or vice versa. Sometimes, you’ve just got to separate the fighters.”

Although things can get a little rowdy, the pair do love their children. In fact, Jessica got a tattoo to pay tribute to the young trio. She shared a pic of her new ink on Instagram and captioned it, “@_dr_woo_ #drwoo Honor Gemini. Haven Leo. Hayes Capricorn. #hideawayatsuitex.” What an amazing mom.

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