Raising three kids, being a businesswoman, and being a loving wife doesn’t seem hard for Jessica Alba. Though the mom recently welcomed her 10-month-old baby son, Hayes Warren, with her husband, Cash Warren, Jessica revealed in a new interview with Us Weekly that she rarely feels overwhelmed juggling her work and family life because she tries the best that she can every day.

“You’re going to make mistakes,” Jessica, 39, shared. “Try to learn from them. At the end of the day, if you’re doing your best, that’s all you can really do.”

The Sin City actress also has tons of help at home so she doesn’t feel stressed. Jessica’s oldest daughter Honor, 10, has been helping the doting mother take care of baby Hayes and youngest daughter Haven, 7, likes to cook her family meals in the kitchen. “I try to be completely present with them,” she gushed. “I want to make the time I spend with them quality.”

In a previous interview with E! News, Jessica also opened up about how much her kids help out at home. “It’s just nice for the kids to feel involved and feel like they’re participating,” she explained. “As they grow and mature, they get to do more and more things.”

Jessica’s family has grown to be her “support system” too. “I have a great support system, and a great husband,” she gushed. She also noted that she has a “great team” at her consumer goods company, Honest. And when Jessica’s around her husband, she wants him to succeed just as much as he wants her to.

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“We try to support each other. I help out as much as I can,” Jessica shared. “It’s nice to have someone who can just listen and be there for you and cuddle.”