Having three kids wasn’t easy for Jessica Alba. In a new interview with People, the 37-year-old actress candidly opened up about the difficulties she experienced during every one of her pregnancies. 

“On a daily basis, when the blood sugar got low, I would go crazy and I didn’t mean to,” she jokingly shared. “I would just lose my mind a little bit. I would just break out into a sweat and I would get thirsty and I couldn’t find words. I would just grunt, like an animal.”

Jessica married producer Cash Warren in 2008 and they later welcomed two daughters, Honor, 10, Haven, 7, and a son, Hayes, 7 months. Jessica also admitted she tries to teach her kids the most important life lesson her parents taught her: to always work hard. 

“Things aren’t going to always come easy in life and anything that’s worth having, you have to work for. I wasn’t naturally really good at anything so it always took a great deal of effort to accomplish anything for me,” Jessica explained. “It’s just a good life lesson for my kids.” 

Even as an experienced parent, Jessica still makes mistakes sometimes and she’s not afraid to admit it. She recalled once not having the most-needed item in her diaper bag — diapers! “I have made the mistake of not having diapers, and it’s always at the worst time,” she revealed. “It’s like out at a restaurant, so embarassing.” 

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Her most embarassing moment, however, was substituting a diaper with a blanket because she didn’t bring enough protection for her baby. “Walking out of a restaurant with a swaddle blanket around my kid because I didn’t have any more diapers and she pooped through three outfits and on me. Really fun,” Jessica hilariously added.