Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba proved that she is one proud mama when she shared that her children are the inspiration behind her latest tattoo.

“@_dr_woo_ #drwoo Honor Gemini. Haven Leo. Hayes Capricorn. #hideawayatsuitex,” she captioned the Instagram post. Although it’s hard to tell, the Fantastic Four star, 37, got inked with three tattoos. The meaningful ink, done by famed Los Angeles tattoo artist Doctor Woo, is placed on Jessica’s forearm and represents the zodiac constellation of her two daughters — Honor, 10, and Haven, 7 — and her 1-year-old son Hayes. Take a look below at Jessica’s new tats!

Prior to sharing the sentimental pic, the Fantastic Four star gave fans a glimpse inside the session as she went live on Instagram. During the stream, the brunette beauty revealed that she has a few tattoos from her past she wishes weren’t there. Jessica then sweetly said this won’t be the case with her three new ones. “These are permanent and I won’t regret these ones,” the Honest Company founder said on Instagram Live. “These are my babies.” Aww!

Getting a tattoo in tribute of her kids isn’t all that surprising considering how much Jessica gushes about them. The California native admitted that juggling all the responsibilities she has wouldn’t be possible without the motivation from her husband, Cash Warren, and her kids. “I have a great support system and a great husband,” she told Us Weekly last November.

Jessica also dished that on days when she’s feeling stressed and worn out, her kids are always there to help. “It’s just nice for the kids to feel involved and feel like they’re participating. As they grow and mature, they get to do more and more things,” she told E! last October. “I want to make the time I spend with them quality.”

We love that new ink, girl!