When it comes to being the mom and dad of their three kids, Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren‘s main goal is to teach their children, Honor, 12, and Haven, 8, and Hayes, 2, the importance of being good people.

“One thing that Jessica and I are 100 percent aligned on is that we’re not raising a–holes,” Cash, 41, shared in the new summer issue of Reveal, the magazine from Property Brothers stars Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott. “If they get out of line, we’re not going to stand for it. We’ve tried to maintain the values our parents taught us.”

jessica alba family

“I don’t shy away from setting boundaries and routines,” Jessica, 39, added. “They have to make their beds. They have to set the table, clear the table — those are no-brainers, right? They participate in taking care of the home and themselves.”

The Honest founder and the Crips and Bloods: Made in America producer — who tied the knot in 2008 — also dished how they manage to settle little arguments between their growing brood.

“We’ve found that if they’re busy, they don’t have as much time to fight,” Cash explained. “When they don’t have anything to do, it seems the most entertaining thing is to get on each other’s nerves. With our two daughters, Jessica and I will divide and conquer. Jessica will take Honor out and I’ll take Haven out, or vice versa. Sometimes, you’ve just got to separate the fighters.”

In order to be the best parents to Honor, Haven and Hayes, Jessica and the In the Blood creator noted they make sure to always work together. The Sin City actress praised her hubby for being able to “pull himself” out of any situation.

“Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the moment, especially when there’s a challenge or conflict, and he is just so much more relaxed,” Jessica marveled. “I learned from him to make the time that we have with the kids really count. Even though I can’t be there for every moment, when I am there, I try to make it magical.”

As for Cash, he said Jessica’s most admirable parenting trait is her ability to bring out the best in their kiddos. “I love how much she pushes them. Jessica is a loving disciplinarian,” the doting husband gushed. “She’s direct and has no problem putting them in their place. We have a nice good-cop, bad-cop routine. Then, when she’s being the nice one, I’ll step up.”

Although Jessica makes juggling motherhood and her busy career look easy, there certainly are times when she feels overwhelmed. However, the beloved businesswoman said she hopes her undying work ethic will inspire her kids as they continue to grow up.

“I hope that their seeing me get out of my comfort zone will give them some degree of fearlessness to try stuff,” she previously told Rebook. “I want them to know that you can’t give up when it gets hard … when it gets hard is when you learn the most. You can’t teach kids that by just talking the talk — you have to walk the walk.”