Today viewers are often shocked by the bombshells dropped by host Jenna Bush Hager each morning on the show. The former first daughter revealed the surprising gift she received in the mail before becoming a mom of three.

“You know that somebody actually sent my mom Texas dirt to be put under the bed when I delivered my children so that they could be born on Texas soil in New York City?” Jenna, 41, said during an episode of the series on September 15.

Jenna was born in Dallas to former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush alongside her twin sister, Barbara Bush, in 1981. The Love Comes First author moved to the Northeast at the start of her broadcast career with her husband, Henry Hager.

The couple now share kids Mila, Poppy and Hal. Mila, 10, the eldest of the bunch, loves attending summer camp in Texas each year.

“She’s probably one of the only kids from the Northeast — it’s a lot of Texans. It’s really hot, no air conditioning, but she loves it,” Jenna said during a July 31 episode of Today. “It’s so fun to go see her and feel that independence. It is, like, sleepaway camp is a rite of passage.”

Despite moving away, Jenna has never forgotten her Texas roots, as it’s been the subject of many of her books and family trips over the years.

“Your kids are always going to have Texas in them. That’s where they go to summer camp,” cohost Hoda Kotb said, with Jenna adding, “And they do have southern accents because once I start to have a margarita and put on some Willie Nelson, I’m a whole new person.”

The conversation came just days before Jenna revealed what her kids planned to dress up as for Halloween this year — and their ideas are pretty unconventional!
“Hal wants to be a New York City rat,” the mom of three said during an episode of Today on Monday, September 18. “Not just a rat, but a New York City rat, so a special kind of breed.”

The confession drew some laughs from the audience before Jenna shared that her daughters also had some unique ideas.

“Poppy is going to be the character from Clueless, which she’s never seen,” she explained. “And Mila, the last I checked, was going to be one of Taylor Swift’s albums. I think Lover.”