When Jenna Bush Hager was just a little girl, she didn’t know that she would meet her future husband at 24 years old. Henry Hager — the son of John H. Hager, the former lieutenant governor of Virginia — stole the young journalist’s heart when they worked at the re-election headquarters for her dad, George W. Bush, in 2004.

“On Election Day, they were friends. By the Inaugural, they were an item,” Henry’s friend Adam Piper previously recalled to People about the young couple. After they met on the campaign trail, Henry later went on to become a director at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. According to the company’s website, “he serves as the firm’s lead product specialist for the global energy and infrastructure platforms, working closely with the investment professionals to facilitate the global capital raising and asset management activities.”

Now, the Today cohost and Henry are proud parents to two beautiful girls, Margaret, 5, and Poppy, 3. After 10 years of marriage, there’s no doubts they were made for each other.

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How did they meet?

“Henry and I have mutual friends that kind of set us up,” Jenna previously recalled to Hoda Kotb on Today. “A friend of mine from back in college was his intern at work and we were going to watch the Texas game and they were like, ‘Can we bring Henry?’ and I’m like, ‘How old is he?’ He felt too old and then he came. He was like 28 and he came and he was cute.” 

Was Henry taken when he met Jenna?

Yes — but, as we all know, nothing can stop true love! “He had a girlfriend,” Jenna confessed to Hoda, but that didn’t stop them from getting to know each other. “Did he ask you out right then?” Hoda asked. Jenna replied, “We just smooched.”

What did Jenna’s family think about Henry when they were dating?

In 2005, Jenna’s mom (and our former first lady), Laura Bush, reportedly said her daughter was seeing a “very nice young man,” but she didn’t think that Jenna and her beau would continue their relationship. “This is not a serious boyfriend,” she reportedly said about Henry, according to the Washington Post. “I hate to have to be the one to say it on television.”

Even though Laura didn’t think Jenna was in a “serious” relationship, the couple later got engaged in 2007. Before Henry popped the question, though, he asked Jenna’s dad for permission.

“So the guy comes to see me, and he says, ‘I want to marry your daughter,'” George allegedly recalled, according to Good Housekeeping. “I said, ‘Done deal.'”

How did Henry propose?

The Knot previously reported that Henry took Jenna on a very beautiful vacation. Apparently, his plan was for them to wake up at 4 a.m. and go hiking at Maine’s Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. Once the sun began to rise, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him when they were on the peak of the mountain. She said, “Yes!”

Where did Henry and Jenna get married?

After Jenna agreed to marry Henry, they set the date that just so happened to be Henry’s birthday: May 10, 2008. The couple got married at Jenna’s family’s secluded ranch in Crawford, Texas. Shortly after they tied the knot, George allegedly told reporters at a press conference that Jenna “married a really good guy.” How sweet!