HGTV viewers have fallen in love with Erin Napier and Ben Napier’s sweet relationship on their hit show, Home Town. The couple are also both very close to their own families, who have supported them on their journey to stardom. Ben’s brothers, Sam, Tom and Jesse, have been there for them every step of the way, making cameos on the show and on social media.

Who Are Ben Napier’s Siblings?

Ben’s parents were ministers and the family moved around a lot when he and his brothers were growing up. Erin shared in a 2018 blog for Guideposts that Ben “didn’t really have a hometown.” It wasn’t until he settled in Laurel, Mississippi, with Erin that the pair were able to create a home together. 

“Growing up, we didn’t have a house that we grew up in. My parents are both United Methodist preachers, and anybody who knows anything about the United Methodist Church is the preachers move, and so we lived in several little small towns and big houses, small houses, you know, really dumpy houses and some really great houses,” Ben shared on the Biscuits & Jam podcast in July 2021. 

'Home Town' Star Ben Napier’s 3 Brothers Are His Built-In Best Friends! Meet Sam, Tom and Jesse 
Courtesy of Ben Napier/Instagram

The woodworking master put his skills to use to renovate the couple’s 1925 craftsman cottage which became an instant hit with Erin’s Instagram followers. Ben and Erin’s lives were forever changed when they shot the 2016 pilot for Home Town. The home renovation experts welcomed their first daughter, Helen, in 2018. Their pregnancy announcement for their second baby, Mae, was very special since Jesse and his wife, Lauren, also announced they were expecting their first child. 

“I grew up with built-in best friends. My three brothers and I speak our own language and know the dance when it’s time to move a piano into a house together,” Ben wrote on Instagram in April 2021. “Helen will have that with her little sister. It makes me even happier to know that there’ll be another Napier baby right around the corner from us.”

Who Is Sam Napier?

Sam, the eldest Napier brother, is a math professor who, according to Erin’s blog, is “into craft beers and debating things.” Sam’s interests include cooking and learning everything he possibly can about math. Though he lives a pretty private life, Sam did get a special birthday shout-out from Ben on Instagram in October 2021. 

“Know what today is?? It’s Uncle Sam’s birthday!! My only older brother. Looks pretty good in our flannel, too. Y’all tell him happy birthday!!” the Home Town: Ben’s Workshop star wrote. 

Who Is Tom Napier?

Tom is Ben’s second oldest brother. Erin described him as the “hot-tempered, unbearded Napier brother,” on her blog. Tom is known for waking up extremely early and wanting “to see the world from behind the wheel of Peterbilt.” 

Tom owns Napier Trucking up in Baldwyn, Mississippi. Erin shared in a January 2015 blog that they rarely got to see Tom due to his busy work schedule. However, whenever he had truck routes near Laurel, he always made sure to stop by and hang out with his brother. Ben and Tom do talk on the phone frequently and clearly have a great relationship though they live miles apart. Ben, Sam, Tom and Jesse are all bonded by their love for Duke basketball and cars which they chat about often. 

Who Is Jesse Napier?

Jesse and Lauren had their new home completely renovated during an April 2021 episode of Home Town. Erin knew she wanted to paint the home darker colors and keep a retro vibe. She described the youngest Napier brother, who met his wife on a dance floor at a wedding, as “crazy polite” on her blog. As if Ben’s bond with his youngest brother could not get any sweeter, he helped him build a crib for his baby. 

“From the moment we walked into the house, everything just made sense. Our style is kind of mid-century funky ‘70s vibe and it was threaded throughout the entire design,” Jesse shared in a June 2021 blog post. “That’s Erin’s best quality to me. You can tell her what you want, and she brings it to life in a way you would never have pictured it.”

'Home Town' Star Ben Napier’s 3 Brothers Are His Built-In Best Friends! Meet Sam, Tom and Jesse 
Courtesy of Jesse Napier/Instagram

Erin has gotten very close with Jesse and Lauren, throwing the couple a surprise virtual baby shower before the arrival of their daughter Nell Marie on June 12, 2021. The Home Town Takeover star organized hundreds of baby wishlist items to be sent to Jesse and Erin’s home to help prepare them for the baby. 

“Jesse started getting notifications on our doorbell camera. The mailman kept coming onto our porch, and I got so mad. I thought Jesse had bought all of this stuff!” Lauren shared. “I was looking at our bank statement trying to figure out where all this was coming from. I sent a video to Erin and Ben, and she told us about the baby shower, and we cried. Well, I cried, because I was so excited to open over 200 boxes. It was a very busy couple of weeks.”

Jesse and Lauren’s lives have changed so much since becoming parents. They have been featured on Home Town numerous times with their daughter. The pair own a framing business and opened up a small storefront called Napier Frames in March 2021. The couple have framed photos for clients on several episodes of Erin and Ben’s series and even helped the couple out with personal projects of their own.

After purchasing a vacation home in 2021, Erin turned to Jesse and Lauren to help frame new photos for the space. The vintage pictures looked incredible in a sneak peek of the country home that Erin posted on Instagram. In October 2021, the mom of two brought Helen to the frame shop to pick out frames for some of her colorful artwork to hang on the wall. “She’s going with gold,” Erin shared about her eldest daughter’s choice.