Fans of Home Town on HGTV can’t get enough of Erin Napier and Ben Napier! The couple, who renovate homes in Laurel, Mississippi, have proven that their design skills are a top-notch and total reflection of their own personal style. Of course, Ben in particular is instantly recognizable as the 6-foot-6 woodworker with a long beard. Keep scrolling to see a photo of what he looked like without the beard.  

Has Ben Napier Always Had a Beard?

Since the pilot episode of Home Town aired in 2016, Ben has rocked a beard. While there have been times when he has trimmed it or gotten a haircut, his beard, for the most part, has remained rather long. Naturally, fans have been curious about whether or not the television personality completely shaves his beard when he is not filming.

In several posts on her Laurel Mercantile blog, Erin revealed that Ben won the Duluth Trading Co. Paul Bunyan search in 2015, a quest to find the best Paul Bunyan look-alike in Mississippi. He dressed as the lumberjack during the Loblolly Festival for multiple years. On Instagram, the designer has also shared photos of her hubby dressed as Santa Claus with his beard dyed white. 

In a January 2019 interview with The Wrap, Ben confessed the real reason why he hasn’t completely gone beardless in so long. The last time he shaved it all off was in 2006 and his wife had an emotional response. 

“It made me cry,” Erin said at the time. “Because he walked in the bathroom, and he was like, ‘I’m going to shave it and I’ll come back out.’ And when he walked out, I cried because he was like a stranger to me.”

What Does Ben Napier Look Like Without a Beard?

In February 2022, a fan asked Erin on Twitter if there were any photos of a “beardless Ben.” The blonde beauty replied, “Sure. But they’re old.” Attached to the tweet was a throwback photo of a clean-shaven Ben. He wore a navy suit and floral tie in the picture. While the Home Town: Ben’s Workshop host looks completely different in the photo, one thing remains the same — his bright smile! 

Ben Napier Beardless: Photo Without Beard, Clean-Shaven
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Twitter

His doting wife has also undergone an incredible transformation of her own. While fans recognize Erin for her famous blonde pixie cut, she once wore her hair past her shoulders. The decision to cut her hair during her freshman year of college was inspired by her childhood hero, Drew Barrymore.