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HGTV Stars Have Risen to Fame at New Heights! See How Tall Ben Napier, Chip Gaines and More Are

Home renovation experts have taken their fame to new heights on HGTV! Viewers have fallen in love with some of the network’s stars including Ben Napier, Drew Scott and more. Fans have also been curious about their personal lives including their children, past jobs and how tall they are.

Since landing the show Home Town on HGTV with his wife, Erin Napier, Ben has become one of the most popular faces on the network. It’s clear on the series that the woodworker is incredibly tall, especially while filming scenes with his beloved. In fact, during a January 2016 interview with Hooked on Houses, the pair revealed that Erin had to stand on a crate during interviews next to her hubby to get the perfect shot. 

“There’s a formula for who stands on which side, and you never deviate from it,” the mom of two explained.

The duo have also shared behind-the-scenes photos while filming the series, with Erin standing on top of the box while speaking to the cameras. Ben isn’t the only star whose height has captured the attention of the audience! Drew and his twin brother, Jonathan Scott, are often towering over their guests on Property Brothers

While Drew and Jonathan are identical, the pair are actually not the same height. Jonathan is taller than his brother. The real estate experts previously revealed their heights in a YouTube video. ​​Drew shared that he believes his brother is taller only because of his “hair, and also he wears these high-heeled fancy boots.”

All jokes aside, the pair make a great team renovating homes together and helping make their clients’ dreams come true. In August 2021, Drew and Jonathan renovated a home for a couple during an episode of Property Brothers: Forever Home to tailor it to their heights. J.J. and Carlee are 6-foot-10 and 6-foot-4 respectively and wanted their home to be more comfortable for them. 

The twins did an incredible job by raising the doorways and installing customizable countertops. Christina on the Coast host Christina Hall faced a similar renovation project during a July 2021 episode of her show. The HGTV veteran designed a height-friendly home for a couple who were 6-foot-2 and 6-foot-4 that ended up costing $85,000. 

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